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YAAMNY Arts and Entertainment First Committee Meeting

When:   March 10, 2008 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where:   Half King Restaurant and Bar 505 W. 23rd Street (at 10 Ave) 212.462.4300 (dutch dinner)
Minutes and Agenda Participants: Alberto Molina, Karen DiYanni, Hugo Perez, Aaron Ship, Melissa Wolff, Doreen Oliver Follow Up on existing events Hugo Reading - Tim/Hugo Alberto Agreed to be the point person coordinator for Hugo's reading and will follow up with Karen DiYanni Brainstorm YAAMNY Proposed Activities Pun Bandhu, might ...

Arts and Entertainment Working Group April Committee Meeting

When:   April 14, 2008 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where:   Half King Restaurant and Bar 505 W. 23rd Street (at 10 Ave) 212.462.4300 (dutch dinner)


Invited: YAAMNY Arts and Entertainment Working Group
  1. Follow Up on existing business
    • Alberto to coordinate Hugo's reading
    • Doreen to report on Panel Ideas
    • Group follow up on Brainstorming ideas
      • Showcase of Alumi Talent / Yale Idol / Salon
        • alberto suggested a winter / holiday season time period
      • An Arts & entertainment Mixer
      • Master's Teas
      • Master Class Workshops
      • Host April 25 Band of Gypsies?
    • Unfinished business
      • Specific learning from Harvard Alumni organizational activities
      • Follow up with
        • Yale in Hollywood run by Kevin Winston
        • Yale Cabaret in New York
        • Yale Mafia run by Phil Isaacs
      • assign owner of collecting venues http://yaamny.net/Venues
      • Assign Chair of Committee
      • Develope a Statement of Purpose for this working group
        • Connect Existing groups and initiatives among alumni
        • Develop Panels, Information exchanges
        • Produce 3-4 events a year.
  2. Brainstorm YAAMNY Arts and Entertainment Programs
  3. Ongoing Initiatives / Programs
    • Set up weekly or bimonthly CYAN mailings with Tim Cooper
      • Set up subsite install?  time to manage this?
    • Open question: how to coordinate operational tasks in YAAMNY such as events, which run accross the programatic working groups such as arts, prfessional development and public service events
    • Assign owner of Venues collection and relationships - http://yaamny.net/Venues
    • Proposed venue for monthly meetings? assign reservations / booking

Action points



Map and Directions

The Half King (dutch dinner)


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