Hello Creative Yalies,

Following up on our last meeting we are to be joined by Doreen, Melissa and Manish. I look forward to seeing all of you and continuing our discussions and plans to support creative yale alumni everywhere.

Please see the official Agenda here:

If anyone has a better venue suggestion please let me know. Depending on how our Weds meeting goes in a conference room I may suggest we move there for this meeting as well. But a restaurant has better atmosphere. :)

Finally if you have any additions or suggestions to the agenda please login and edit the agenda on http://yaamny.net/6462/YAAMNY_Arts_and_Entertainment_First_Committe_Meeting directly. If you have any troubles logging in or want a tutorial call me any time.


1. Follow Up on existing events
* Hugo Reading - Tim/Hugo
2. Brainstorm New YAAMNY Proposed Events
* Pun Bandhu, might he participate? Be a speaker?
3. Brainstorm YAAMNY Proposed Initiatives
* What specific programs can we pursue to promote
o cohesiveness in the arts and entertainment community
o development oportunities for young alums
o professional opportunities
* What can we learn from Harvard
4. Coordinate, list all, reachout to existing arts/entertainment groups as well as the history Of the Yale Mafia
* CYAN - currently run and managed by TImothy Cooper
* Yale in Hollywood run by Kevin Winston
* Yale Cabaret in New York
* Yale Mafia run by Phil Isaacs
5. Specific organizational suggestions to organize these meetings, continuity?
* utilization of CYAN name and mail list (100 new members signed up via YAAMNY)
* committe name and description? - assign
* Assign owner of Venues collection and relationships - http://yaamny.net/Venues
* Proposed venue for monthly meetings? assign reservations / booking
* 2nd Monday of the month?

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