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When:   March 19, 2008 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where:   Innovative Business Solutions - 421 seventh (entrance on 33rd street East of 7th ave) - sports plaza bldg Third floor
Price:   $15
Type:   Conference



Participants: Alberto Molina, My Luu, Ceu Martinez, Marguerita Dolatly, Doreen Oliver, Jim Davoust, Aaron Shipp, Karen DiYanni, Amanda Taffy, Tom Murphy, Jenny Chavira (AYA), Mark Dollhopf (AYA)
  1. Introductions: Tom Murphy '90 MA, '95 MDiv, joining Amanda on community service task force; Jenny Chavira & Mark Dollhopf from AYA
  2. Operational area reports:
    • Aaron reported on ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT. Committee has ID'd two tracks they plan to pursue: 1) supporting existing groups that are already active or are currently forming (e.g. Yale on Broadway) and 2) sponsoring YAAMNY's own arts-related events. Hugo's screenplay reading is 1st proposed YAAMNY sponsored event; Alberto is working on venue/date.
    • Alberto noted that in all operational areas there are questions of the content specific to that area, as well as logistical issues (such as those related to event planning & marketing) that will likely cut across all operations. Council will need to continue to work on how to coordinate these. Jenny & My noted that the DC club & AAYA (sp?) both have event check lists that may be useful.
    • Amanda & Tom reported on SERVICE. Amanda had posted an RFP on the website, asking alums to suggest projects that YAAMNY might wish to sponsor. Most intriguing is a group in Brooklyn that rehabs existing buildings for social service organizations. Long discussion ensued about overall objectives of this initiative: fewer long-term projects or more short term (one-off) opportunities? Work with recognized groups or highlight newer (and perhaps struggling) nonprofits? What are the goals? 1) Yalies working together - creates community; 2) tie-in to Yale values (such as education); 3) facilitating Yalies working in nonprofits who need to find volunteers. Consensus was that Amanda & Tom should work on planning a one-day project for late spring as pilot; will reconsider other options later.
    • SOCIAL/NETWORKING: My is working on a joint Ivy event for late April. More people are needed to work in this area. Doreen agreed to join (but not lead!) the cause.
    • GOVERNANCE: Alberto has been to the bank, and located the remaining funds which will be returned to YAAMNY from the Comptroller's office (approx. $4,000). Marguerita is working on corporate status issues.
  3. March 31 open forum event: great response so far, will be enhanced by reminder broadcast email scheduled for March 24. Advisory council's role at the event is to "work the room", talk about YAAMNY's new initiatives, and basically build interest in what YAAMNY is working towards.
  4. RETREAT on April 11/12. Venue & date chosen by executive committee group based on calendar (any later would end up being next fall).
  5. ACTION ITEM: today's meeting attendees are dividing up list of volunteer prospects (combination of existing YAAMNY council/advisors plus other volunteer categories suggested by Jenny and added to by Alberto & My) to recruit for both March 31 and the retreat. Alberto to edit document & share via Google Docs. Instructions & deadlines outlined in Google Docs.


Invited: The YAAMNY Advisory Team
  1. Introductions of any new members - all 5 mins
  2. Reports on the operational areas: - 30 mins
    • Intiatives to Support Arts and Entertainment
    • Lectures and Professional Development
    • Initiatives for Public Service and Social Justice
    • Ongoing Social and Networking Events
    • Governance and Interclub/Association Relations
  3. Update on Action Items - 20 mins
    • Update on March 31 open forum attendance - advisory council members to register if attending (JEC)
    • Council Duties at March 31 Event.
      • meet others, especially other networks and leaders
      • what can YAAMNY do to better serve?
      • relationships
    • Ongoing discussion to be had on the format of the April 11-12 Retreat.
  4. April 12 Retreat
    • Review retreat Venue and schedule
    • review Retreat Agenda
    • Review Key invite list for retreat
    • review reachout efforts for retreat list
  5. Review YAAMNY Proposed Initiatives - high level group comment/suggestion - 20 mins 

Contribution for food and beverage $15  :)



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